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Optimize your agency for the future of work.

Transform and scale your operations around what matters most:  the people who power your agency.

Your clients demand customer-centricity, your employees need flexibility and agility.  You can deliver for both.

Strategic Ops
Strategic Operations For Agencies

If it took a global pandemic to think about how to modernize your business and client operations - congratulations - you are not alone.  Though you steward your clients through marketing and digital transformations, your own operations are inflexible - and expensive.  Your operation needs to become more agile so that business teams can better respond to client pivots. And you need to stop long term enterprise initiatives that are outdated by the time they launch.


We can help.  We are a collective of former agency operators who share a vision for how agencies need to operate to attract and retain the clients -- and talent -- of the future.  Our solutions include:


Client & Service Delivery Operations

  • Customize experiences for your most valuable clients

  • Model account teams that align with value potential

  • Manage your resources and their career goals more effectively

  • Gain client trust and collaboration through executive engagement strategy, co-creative workshops and client advisory boards

Agile Process 

  • Deliver better outcomes for your clients through agile processes

  • Create happier, more productive and more innovative client teams

  • Integrate mergers and acquisitions more seamlessly 

  • Explore solutions that create efficiency and opportunity for more intimate client relationships

Results Matter.  We Deliver Outcomes


  • Grow efficiently by understanding your client value chain and creating operations that maximize value and key client touchpoints

  • Improve organic growth by identifying your most valuable clients and focusing investment on your most strategic accounts

  • Reduce new business cycle times by improving new business operations

  • Enable greater customer centricity by automating and connecting back of the house client data to understand when accounts may be at risk or show signs of readiness for growth

  • Retain talent with account service models and pricing structures and incentives that enable both client and employee satisfaction

“Jessica is simply the most knowledgeable marketing and sales operations partner I've worked with. We've worked together at two companies and in each instance I've been appreciated her partnership. She innately understands and designs business process and systems that enable growth. She is equally effective with people process and tech.”

Dan Bernard

Portfolio Leader
Merkle & Real Chemistry


Reach out for a quick, free assessment 

Jessica Burdman

Tel: 415-307-7156

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Thank you! We are looking forward to hearing more.


Jessica Burdman

I've spent 20+ years in various roles in marketing, media, and advertising operations.  I founded the StratOps Collective to help agencies conquer their most challenging operational issues.

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Steven Bava

A versatile marketing executive, both on the brand as well as agency side, I consult with and advise agencies on emerging trends and opportunities, which these days is in-game advertising, Metaverse world building and other Web3 technologies.  

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